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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Elayne Riggs

Welcome back, Brooke!

Ginger Mayerson

Hey, Brooke! Glad you're back blogging.


Great! I had you bookmarked in my favorites and noticed a LONG time ago you hadn't posted in a while. So, today, I just thought I'd check again.

Look forward to reading more.....

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Hi Everybody - This is a great place


Hi all,

my friend told me about this forum so i decided to sign up.

hopefully i can participate in some lively discussions here!

looking forward to talking to you all. :)

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It will be great to find out more about your book. Is it too different from blogging?

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amazing post about Welcome Back, ME! thanks for sharing!!

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Hey welcome friend

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So I will attempt from this moment forward to use this space to offer a POV you may or may not like, but that will be unique and sort of bizarre in that good way you like.

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welcome back!! to our world!!
nice to hear that you back..

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Congratulations on the new job! I think it's a good move as eBay has already grown to a point where your innovations and contributions would barely move the needle. Ning, if successful, still has a long ways to go and anything you do could have a huge impact.

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Your blogs are great! Looking forward for more :) Good luck!

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