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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Kim Bax

Hi Brook, we've emailed before (ages ago now, I'm in Australia). PLEASE pass this on:-

From:- Mrs. Kim Bax, Beaudesert Shire, Qld., 4285., Australia (mum & part-time nurse, member of no political party or formal organisation)

To:- cc list below (and please pass on to ALL and every global email list, friend & contact available)

Re:- Knife welding & camera-melting crime in the Tasmanian Forests, sanctioned by police & Government

Goodmorning - and just WHEN are any of our "truth-investigating" Australian journalists going to get their butts down to Tasmania to find out what our self-appointed "Lords of the Forest" (to coin a tern from ABC 4 Corners), are doing? Is someone going to get their throat cut before anyone flinches? This is the info that was sent to me to-day, directly from those on the ground in the Tasmanian forests (Australia):-

< braved the cold temperatures and rain to setup a tree-sit high in a
Tall Stringybark, across to two pieces of logging machinery.
Machines that are being used to destroy old growth forests along the
border of the Tasmanian World Heritage Area. This remote area is more
than 3hours walk from the nearest drop off point and over 2hours
drive from Hobart. For the whole day logging was halted after an
initial incursion has already smashed rainforest and felled giant
Stringybarks over 200 years old. This highland forests starts at 400m
and continues to the national park border at around 600m.

Workers from Watson's timber (contracted to Gunns Ltd), turned up and
their anger at work being halted spilled out onto activists in abuse
and then a knife was drawn and three female activist's threatened.
One of the women's video camera was taken and held over the fire, and
then kept for a short while, the forest contractor threatening to
keep the camera. The guy with the knife turned his focus to the
treesit and went to cut the safety line. Luckily the skill of the
activists prevented a major incident from happening. Relations with
the contractors remained tense over the day.

Around eight Police cleared some of the activists in the late
afternoon with a number still remain to continue the action today.
Forestry Tasmania has employed permanent security guards and a 30km
radius exclusion zone applies to the general public and media.

The campaign continues with more actions and a fly over planned in
the next week you can help by donating: http://www.huon.org/#donate

for the forests,
Adam Burling

Huon Valley Environment Centre http://www.huon.org/weldvalley/
Po Box 217
Huonville. Tasmania. Australia 7109>>

. . . and ALL this in the light of the searing May 2007 essay by World renowned author Richard Flanagan, "Paradise Razed," in "The Monthly" (Australia), and in the UK's "Telegraph." Where are you Aussie media? Got mogadon in your coffee? Asleep at the wheel? The whole World is watching, except YOU. Is this Australia? Or a bananna republic?

Regards, Kim

cc - Ruth Rosenhek, Rain Forest Information Centre, Lismore, NSW
cc - Adam Burling, Huon Valley Environment Centre
cc - "Get Up" Australia, internet campaign organisation
cc - ABC 4 Corners
cc - 7.30 Report
cc - Channel 9 60 Minutes
cc - Anita Roddick, founder of "The Body Shop"
cc - George Monbiot, Journalist, "The Guardian," UK
cc - 20 environmental email lists I belong to (Australia & overseas)
cc - Over 200 friends, relatives & contacts
cc - All federal politicians, Queensland, Australia
cc - Senator Christine Milne, Tasmania


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