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Sunday, November 13, 2005



I can't recall ever hearing someone label Mike Tyson or OJ Simpson as articulate.

Sven Heinicke

I year or so ago I heard a quote, I think about the NFL, how whites are suprised when black athletes are articulate, and that black are suprised when white athletes are on the team. I was unable to find the quote, but in the search I found:


Nothing to do with athletes though.


It is not just sportscasters. If it were, I would not find it so offensive. Athletes aren’t known for their communication skills, so I can see pointing out that a defensive lineman is also articulate. However, I hear it repeatedly used to describe African-Americans who work in fields in which you would expect one to be well-spoken. The other day I heard an entertainment reporter refer to Tyler James Williams (the kid from Everybody Hates Chris) as articulate. If the same reporter were speaking of Dakota Fanning, she would have said precocious. I have heard newscasters use the adjective repeatedly when referring to black politicians, yet I have never heard a reporter feel the need to tell viewers that a white politician was articulate. It is kind of a given that someone who has achieved an elected political position is able to speak clearly and effectively. Oh wait... never mind.


My hope is that when publicly describing African Americans, people should avoid using the word articulate, and try to describe the person's positive qualities in a less clichéd way. I read a different post where John Edwards was described as articulate by someone from John Kerry's campaign. Or how about this blog that reacts to racism charges for using articulate to describe an African American politician - http://patterico.com/2005/09/24/3632/moron-of-the-day-oliver-willis/#comment-29375


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