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Monday, October 03, 2005


I never did laugh.



I don't like Bush either, but Chief Justice Rehnquist had no judicial experience before taking his seat in the Supreme Court.


The lady's problem isn't that she lacks judicial experience, it's that she has *no paper trail*. Shady cronyism there.


ummm, no offense but are you stupid, duh?

or mearly unable to tell the difference between the qualifications of an U.S. attorney general and a woman who a) was head of a lottery commission and b) thought there was nothing illegal about making propaganda in the form of a news program. and c) jsut for fun facts, has already used lies to prop up her "qualifications". despite what bush says Miers the liar was never considered one of the top 50 women attorneys ever. she was one of the top 50 most influential since she was working closely with bush. and since bush can't do anything without being told to first or agreed with totally....

well, at least she's not a veterinarian or worked with horses :) although she has been working with a horse's ass for a lot of years now.......hehe


Qualifications aside, she is, or at least has been, Bush's personal lawyer. There is a big problem with that. It's like me making sure my best friend is the foreman of the jury for every trial I could ever be involved in. The only way to make a more unethical choice would be to nominate his own daughter to that posistion.


I'm not stupid. Thanks for playing.

Had I compared the former Chief Justice's qualifications to hers, that would make me stupid. But I didn't.

Since you didn't bother to read what I actually said:

The lack of judicial experience doesn't make her a bad candidate. Her shady cronyism does.

Here, I'll say it a third time, in case you were busy picking your nose:

The lack of judicial experience doesn't make her a bad candidate. Her shady cronyism does.


You forgot the appointment to the World Bank of the guy who thinks it should be shut down.


fair enough, duh, but you're still wrong.

my only point is people tend to blow off her lack of experience a little too much, in my humble opinion.

there are those in the past who have had little experience also but they did have other experiences that made up for it... miers de liar has none at all.

and her lack of exp. is important since she lacks anything else to make up for it.
and whether she is a cronie or not shouldn't matter any more or less than her lack of experience.
she still lacks ANY experience that would prepare her for such an important position regardless.

a god head who thinks bush is the most brilliant man she's ever met.

she should look under some rocks sometimes. she might find something there that is more brilliant.

but you're right, i didn't see the last part oh your post. sorry about that.

however... as far as Rehnquist goes, why even bring his name up as an example of someone who didn't have any experience either when clearly he did?
it looks like he had a whole hell of a lot more experience in the judicial system than miers de liar ever has had.

what is it about rehnquist's history that makes you think he had no experience? it looks like he worked in that area before becoming a justice on the supreme court. doesn't it?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
William Hubbs Rehnquist

"William Hubbs Rehnquist (October 1, 1924 – September 3, 2005) was an American lawyer, jurist and political figure, who served as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States....

"Rehnquist served as a law clerk for Justice Robert H. Jackson and as Assistant Attorney General during the administration of President Richard Nixon. In 1971, Nixon nominated Rehnquist to the U.S. Supreme Court as an Associate Justice; Rehnquist took his seat in 1972. In 1986, Ronald Reagan elevated him to the position of Chief Justice."

serving as a clerk for a justice seems to me to have some experience attached to it. or knowledge or a direction. compared to miers de liar who argued for huge deep pocket companies and over seen state gambling.


"At law school, Rehnquist started down the path that would eventually take him to the Supreme Court. Having already established a reputation among his instructors and peers as a brilliant legal thinker and an able scholar, Rehnquist impressed one professor sufficiently to earn a private interview with Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, who was visiting the law school. Rehnquist's professor, a former clerk for Jackson, arranged the meeting in hopes that his favored student could convince Jackson of his qualifications for a clerkship. Rehnquist walked away from that meeting feeling he had failed to impress Jackson in the slightest. However, his fears proved false as Jackson eventually selected him for clerkship that year. Rehnquist's clerkship under the moderate Jackson did not alter his conservative beliefs in any noticeable manner. Instead, his exposure to the other clerks may have served only to confirm his conservativism."

so i would put to you that her total lack of experience does matter just as much as any other part of her misqualified nomination.

although i love it when they list the "unqualified" justices from Washington's day. as if there WAS a sepreme court for anyone to have had any real qualifications for. jsut like brownie had no qulaification, or chertoff, or the vet they tried putting into women's health. etc etc etc.

but that's just me.

see ya :)




Read the link again:


He did not serve on a bench before being appointed to the SCOTUS.

You need to take a class in logic. Lack of judicial experience + bad SCOTUS judge == correlation without causation. She's going to make a bad SCOTUS judge because she's someone else's crony and has insufficient supplemental experience.

She sucks because her overall experience level is very lacking for an appointment as high as the Supreme Court, not because she never served on a bench.

Learn this type of logical distinction, as it will serve you well in life.


Almost half of the Supreme Court Justices were appointed without any prior judical experience, including Earl Warren, appointed by a Republican but he turned out to be very good. I am NOT defending Miers, but please, stop attacking her for the wrong things.


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