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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Neil Acharya

The New York Times recently published an article called “A Sex Stop on the Way Home.” It profiles a certain innocuous-looking parking lot in the borough of Queens, on the borderline between New York City and its Long Island suburbs, where groups of regular, average-Joe men gather every afternoon to have quick, surreptitious sex with other men in their cars before heading home to their girlfriends, wives and kids. A park regular is quoted as saying,” "I can't tell you how many guys I've had here who were wearing wedding bands, with baby seats in the car and all kinds of kids' toys on the floor. It's on their way home and they don't have to get involved in a relationship or any gay lifestyle or social circles. They don't even have to buy anyone a drink or be seen in a gay bar. They just tell the wife, 'Honey, I'll be home an hour late tonight.' "
I’m sure every city has its own cruising spots, and similar gatherings. Because this is a blog on women’s issues, I thought y’all might be interested in reading the article. Here’s the link:

Read it while it’s still free. I think they start charging for it once the article is a week old.


Um, guy who thinks that cruisy locales in New York are something new or worthy of comment: what do they have to do with the article or this blog?

*the post (about dolphins), rather.


The fact that this fella read a post about dolphins and his mind immediately leapt to an article about cruisy parking lots in Queens makes me think, "wow, now there's a guy who probably has an interesting video collection."

Don Myers

Don't forget The Story of O


Thats awsom e. I hope those Dolphins are o.k. I got to swim with Dolphins while in the Carribean had a great time they are truely buetiful creatures.

Sven Heinicke

What about the killer dolphins?


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