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Friday, September 02, 2005


Todd Anderson

No doubt you are probably black and if not you are worse. I know alot of black people who would not condon looting. If you are white watch the football movie remember the titans and dont codall the black kids, it does nothing but keep them dependant kids. For food to stay alive no one is saying that is wrong, but for a tv or drugs, hope I dont ever go through a disaster with you. Brain boy


Hey brainboy yourself, learn to spell, punctuate and use proper grammar before you criticize other people. Otherwise, your opinions are easily dismissed as unlearned ramblings of an idiot.
And you don't know how to read, apparently. Pitts *condemned* looting tvs, electronics, etc., as stupid.
By the way, Pink, I highly recommend Pitts' column as regular reading. He won the Pulitzer a year or two ago. He should be syndicated in every newspaper in America. I've been a fan ever since he was a music columnist for the Miami Herald and wrote a column about REM's "Everybody Hurts."

Todd Anderson

Thats good never say anything that really means anything,just attack never a good thought of your own. If he is so good why is he not more popular? Is that why you do not go to doctors, because of their sloppy writting and bad punctuation? I still stand by what I said. Yes, I did not care much for english class. Even though I did get an A. That was 10 years ago.

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