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Friday, April 01, 2005


Shanta M.

Yep...they're mean. But they wear this mask of kindness and serenity...which I think is scarier than anything.


Brooke, darlin', my sentiments exactly. "Poor Pope"? No, poor us.

The Heretik

Well said. Followed over here from AE. You might want to try a look at this here.

The Heretik

Quite a diverse range of beneficiaries on left side roll!

The Heretik

added you to blogroll. Impresed.


Hey...great minds http://www.preemptivekarma.com/archives/2005/04/dont_fear_the_r.html>think alike!


Christian mean is in a category all by itself.

Just discovered your site and put a link on my blog. Keep up the good work!


Great post!! I wholeheartedly agree!! Any sadness concerning death should be outlawed!! Proceeding to the next level of existence should be celebrated and embraced! Human beings are just SELFISH!! The whole Terri S. drama was centered around HUMAN SELFISHNESS!! Talk to ya later!!


Great point. I suppose part of the point of the sorrow is that folks are going to *miss* the pope. But, an entertaining post, and a direct hit on the philosophical contradiction in praying for the pope.


i heard a joke. and im not sure to laugh or be disgusted.
whats the differance between michael jackson and the pope?
the popes dead.


kick ass blog, i share your sentiments on the Dodgers as I am from SF, do you want to trade links?


in regards to christians....yeah...they suck....and it's about time someone figured this shit out...i had never judged anyone so harshly...until christianity "knocked on my door"...get it?
like what other "religious groups" are knocking on your door? ...let alone knock on your own people by condeming all to hell whenever they feel to do so. i have completely lost faith in anyone who tells me who "god" is...i have a more positive outlook on life because i have only been a human first...not a tool of god that goes and lashes out at others for their choices...how many more times do i have to see a male person of the church having sexual intercactions with their young male counterparts, before these bible thumpers realize, witholding natural sexual feelings can result in acts that they and their religion will never be able to "cast out the demon"...men hiding behind the cloth...hmmm...kinda like men in the military..."oh yeah,..we'll save you"......

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