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Wednesday, December 01, 2004



said ColdChef over at Mefi: "Sacralicious!"

Mr. Bill

"Lookit me! I'm eating Baby Jesus!"

One Crafty Chick

Marshmallows and Jesus...two great tastes that go great together!!

Paul Camp

Isn't the whole Christ family kinda beady eyed?

Drew Thaler

Ahhh... so THAT'S where Mr. Hankey comes from.


Thanks for the link; I'm not of the faith, but I love a good marshmallow Jesus.


Thanks for the link; I'm not of the faith, but I love a good marshmallow Jesus.


In the words of Tom Waits:

Well it's got to be a chocolate Jesus
Make me feel good inside
Got to be a chocolate Jesus
Keep me satisfied



I never knew theophagy was a part of any Christian tradition! How fascinating!

Jean Lotus

Of course theophage is part of the Christian tradition -- if you're a Catholic!! Why do you think they say, "Body of Christ"? The real question is, can you bless these marshmallows and consecrate them for communion? The answer is no. The Normans raised the question about substituting beer for wine in the
Eucharist in the 1000s (wine was tough to procure in Scandinavia) and the bishops ruled that it had to be bread and wine. So leave-off that idea.


That's not Baby Jesus -- that's Ann Coulter! She must be stopped!

Len Kennedy

Sweet Baby Jesus!  :þ

Joe Combs

Let's make fun of those muslims too.

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Baby Jesus, does look adorable. love it! love it! it's super cute

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