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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Sustainably Armed Chickens

Teheran, Iran
"Looks A Lot Like Arizona"

In the name of the profit, we exclaim to the world that were we embedded in the Great Satan America, we would be voters for Mr. George Bush the son.

Crusader Bush the son has been the greatest friend to armed and radical Islam, almost a partner to the jihadist brother and sisters fighting to liberate Iraq, Afghanistan, and Newark.

When we prayed, god spoke to us and said, "Behold; I show you a moron who will shoot and bomb and kill, and many new recruits will come to your side because of this. You will have so many they will wish to attack the infidel in rowboats. And clean out your rain gutters."

So we would wish for more Bush the son. He is even crazier than us. He will be the true father of a backward-looking Islamist state, which we of course will, uh, help to organize.

Thank you, Bush the son, and we wish you success.


Mullahs 1-32 and a Player To Be Named Later

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