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Saturday, June 05, 2004



Everything is a grand conspiracy to you lefty assholes.

June is not "just before" the election.

Elayne Riggs

Coming on someone's blog to call them an asshole, no matter what your political disagreement with them, strikes me as among the rudest and most pointless things one can do. No wonder the thug Blug didn't leave a real name or e-mail address.

I saw this comming too. Reagan was a cool guy/actor, but not the best president. "Way out there in the Blue" is a great book about Reagan. I think it's sick how the Republicans are cashing in on his death. The older he got, the better he was. Unamerican.com took their "Reagan was worse" sticker off the site today. I'm already over his death.

A Alexander Stella

Well, quite a few right-wing partisans are now blaming the 'media' for exacerbating the recent scandals, in which the current administration is immersed. Isn't it funny? What really set their teeth on edge was a remark by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. How dare she claim that President George W Bush is - gasp! - INCOMPETENT.

If you happen to believe that she hit the nail on the head, you might enjoy reading my proposed version of a state of the union that the NEXT president should deliver. To access it, you need only click on the hi-lited hyperlink below.


By the way, the proprietors of the www.BCVoice.com website have provided a couple ways for you to leave your comments.

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