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Tuesday, April 13, 2004



Interestingly I happened upon this article right after watching the president give his press conference this evening. It is amazing how he can make this war sound so positive while American soldjers are killing hundreds of innocent people, who by the way did not ask them to be there in the first place. I hope that alot of people read this account of the war on terrorism before the election in November. Thanks for doing all that you can to get the word out there. I guess that should be said to Jo as well as you Brooke. Namaste


Thank you for posting this. It made me sick to my stomach. I feel an intense hatred for each marine combatant and officer complicit in these war crimes.

I used to be proud I was American.


It makes me sick to read apologist propoganda like this.
I wonder how many fighters she saw shoting at American soldiers?
Were these fighters in uniform, or did they look just
like every other person in the street? Did fighters use
ambulances to deceive the Americans? Perhaps to get closer
so they can be more deadly?

Ask yourself which person in Iraq have threatened to "burn alive"
innoceet civilian hostages. It was the so called "fighters".


pinky, you dumb SOB, you can't even spell "propaganda," or even "shooting."


Sad, although questionable story. Reportage? Not sure, although obviously LOADED with bias, as much as I agree.

Emm...no question, in hindsight...monstrous bias. The narrative is fascinating; the editorializing is awful.

Shit(e) journalism.

This MARS your site.


I feel an intense hatred for each marine combatant and officer complicit in these war crimes.

Emmm..to interrupt again..."an intense hatred for each marine combatant"...???

President Bush, Commander-in-Chief has the authority, and utilized it, to order military personnel to do as he pleases. Military combatants are under his orders. He is their boss. There is NO recourse to HIS orders.

President Bush ordered his troops to kill "evil-doers"...that, apparently, meant 3 year old children with darker skin than his.

President Bush also told the world, repeatedly, that the if you were not with "us" you were "with" the terrorists...

One could then imagine that "the evil-doers" "the terrorists" the "stem-cell scientists" were working hard to undermine the USA's resolve by planting terror cells to provide the option for gay marriage.

How many men and women were killed tonight? How many of them were gay?


It pisses me off to hear someone talk about how much they hate the Marines now because of this article. Cut us all some fucking slack, please.

First of all, it's not the Marines' fault that we have an imperialist moron asshole for a president who's basically a sock puppet with Dick Cheney's hand up his ass. Naive or not, most people don't join the military with visions of world domination dancing in their heads.

Second of all, if you can't see the slant in this piece then you clearly need a flashlight. Although it DOES point out some very important things about war that the Pentagon and the media would rather we forget (such as the fact that innocent people die in droves, and that yes, Virginia, getting shot hurts like a motherfucker), it also very obviously fails to note that at least some of the folks shooting at the US troops are not simple farmers protecting their carrot harvest from invading foreigners, but are THEMSELVES invading foreigners who couldn't give two shits about how many civilians they kill. The article also fails to probe the criminality of conscripting children, nor does it put into context why US soldiers might shoot at an ambulance. The suggestion is that US soldiers just sort of like taking potshots at civilians, which is frankly stupid when you consider that some of these combatants are not above using civilian vehicles as weapons, and otherwise violating the Geneva Convention in a variety of imaginative ways.

Refusing to try to comprehend the complexity of this situation makes you no better a critical thinker than our president. And you see where that's gotten us.


Whether this article is biased or not-to quote an infamous quote "War Is Hell". I hate war and I hate that we are involved with the realities of today-terrorism. Let's take a moment and put some perspective in our lives....be greatful that we have running water, grocery stores, and hospitals.

I do not support what is going on but I do not wish for us to be so nasty to each other. This was a thought provoking article but let's not provoke each other.

My thoughts are that we need to get out and get out soon because I do this war as another Vietnam. We are trying to make another country bend to our will and thoughts. It doesn't work and it won't work. I really, really wish that more talk and less military action would work.

I could go on and on but I think I spoke what I really needed to say.

One last thought-I've watched specials that interviewed men who fought in WWII. Some cried shamelessly....


I agree that it isn't just Marines being evil (Jo Wilding was later kidnapped by enemy combatants, who if you read the article, she was JUST as scared of) - Wilding was helping civilians wounded in WAR, not just by Americans. However, the war we hqappenb to bge having over there was caused by America, and the blame lies there. Not with the Marines necessarily or primarily, but with Bush et al.

Last night I talked to my friend Matias, who is shipping out for Iraq in a week. He's an infantry scout (read: dead meat). I told him not to get killed, but also to be careful because i knew it was impossible to tell civilians from combatants sometimes. He says to me, "I'm inclined to shoot first and ask questions later." Then he paused and said, "Actually, I just want to be honorable." That's a hell of a hard balance, and the first response is the one that will come to him with his finger on the trigger.


Unless you have served in an infantry unit...served in a forward area...put you life in another man's hands and asked him to put his life in yours.................

Don't judge! This is a far cry from intentionally targeting civilians! Like Osama for instance. If the American Military was intentionally targeting civilians as Osama or Saddam has, do you really think there would be many Iraqi's left at this point?

If a Marine has killed innocents.....it was by mistake! Tell the terrorists who are striking at the Marines to "Be Men" and put on a uniform distinctive from the native dress! That would be a helpful. Second, stop running into the cities for cover where you can easily "blend in" with the woman and children! Also, don't run into your mosques just to fire back at marines.....doing is only a feeble attempt at taking our kindness for granted!

Who here believes they are safe in their church or synagogue (without firing) from the likes of Osama?

They surrounded the city out of concern.....if they had no concern whatsoever (osama, saddam, etc.) for civilians......they would have just carpet bombed the entire city......period! Remember Hitler anyone. Your criticisms are unfounded as are your brains!

Flemming Schreiber Pedersen

Thankyou, Jo!
You are doing a very important work!
I/we wish you and your fellow-journalists all the best!

Greetings from Denmark,

Flemming Schreiber Pedersen,
Hårbyvej 15, Hårby,


While Jo's personal account is moving, like others have commented it is incredibly biased. A professional journalist would have kept this one in the personal journal and stuck to the facts. The only thing that should be taken at face value from her personal account is that the Iraq war is a bloody, disorganized mess- and who didn't really know that already? and since when is guerilla warfare conducive to strict adherance to the Geneva Convention? I think this was an excellent response to the post, far more detailed than I care to be, I found it on opendemocracy.com : http://www.opendemocracy.com/forums/thread.jspa?forumID=77&threadID=42521&tstart=0


Touching account, but theres no proof that U.S Marines killed or wounded each and everyone of those people. Sure some civilianshave been killed, but how many had saddam murdered in the past? How can anyone say they hate the Marines? They're doing what has been asked of them. If you were in a city being shot at by a 12 year old with a gun wouldnt you shoot back? Be proud of the men and women who give their lives to us.

I used to be proud I was American.

Posted by: david | April 15, 2004 05:22 PM

And this guy you can get the hell out of America.



You know what makes me less proud to be an American? People who say things like "You can get the hell out of America."

No matter what they might like you to believe, one does not abdicate their personal responsibilities upon becoming a Marine.


The article was incredibly biased, but what else would you expect of an "activist"? That's her function. She hopefully does not claim to be unbiased. The idea of women and children being shot (barring the ones stupid enough to bear arms against the US) by Marine snipers is just plain ludicrous. A Marine sniper is a disciplined soldier, shooting one shot at a specific target, and, likely enough, hitting that target. They do not shoot at children and non-combatant women.
They do not indiscriminately spray ammunition at random.
If you wish to hate someone, start at the top and work down--don't start with the poor bastards charged with implementing policies that you may disagree with.


Might I say, that although yes, there is a bias in this article, there's still a truth that we as Americans need to hear. This war is wrong - most people knew it was wrong before it started. Is it a surprise that no one can possibly win now? If America backs down, Iraq suffers through lack of organization. If America doesn't back down, more monstrosities like this will keep happening and the Iraqi people will continue to suffer horrendously. Catch-22. My personal comment would be that we should remove the source of the problem- we removed the dictator from Iraq, now let's do the same thing here at home. If we impeached Clinton for lying about screwing one person, why don't we impeach Bush for lying and screwing millions of people in several countries?

a citizen of the U.S.A and proud of it!

I am truely sorry that innocent people were injured and killed, but did you really expect war to be all sunshine and daisies? The Marines are fighting an invisible enemy and are doing the best they can. So on that note I applaude them. And in case you are wandering, I do support the war in Iraq and President Bush. So will all the bias people just step off, Please?!


Sadly, comments on this site go to show that some people are willing to accuse Jo of bias just because she has narrated the events as she saw it. Fear and anguish from the Iraqi's point of view is taken as a threat by people whose sadistic, criminal and murderous thinking is apparent by comments like “they would have just carpet bombed the entire city......period”

PATHETIC! Especially in view of the fact that the Military DOES carpet bomb cities at different time intervals- whereas the complaints coming from US soldiers stationed around Fallujah amount to “Its nice to be back in my bed, after sleeping in the dirt so long”… or quoting the combatant who “wanted to stay and fight”, because his buddy was killed fighting the militia. He failed to mention that 3000+ Iraqi civilians were killed in the month of April, whereas 110 American soldiers were killed.

The critics here want people to believe that the US marines with their state of the art “TARGETED” equipment killed 3000+ by MISTAKE??

And lets come out of this rut, where we give the contrived excuse of Osama for justifying mass murder. It is not just lame it is also highly un-intelligent! Osama gave the same excuse as Bush is giving right now, and trying to justify it belies a person’s bias against other humans.

Lets see these purported Moralists and patriots go to Iraq and then help a burning man or an expectant mother deliver her own baby!!! Let just see them even go to Iraq to help the marines tired of sleeping in the dirt!

That will never happen---people like these are only willing to go and join the military and shoot any person that doesn’t look like them – and then claim they were disguised as civilians!


What a piece of shitty lies. Fuck you.


I would just like to point out that Jo Wilding has a website- google it if you want to find it. I know that the truth hurts, and I applaud any American who can stand back from the misinformation being spread by your government (and mine- I'm British), and make an objective decision divorced from patriotism.

Patriotism is like being in love: ultimately it's irrational. However, love affairs rarely kill innocent people. Unless those people who are clearly hard of thinking can start to sit up and take some kind of responsibility for this, your country is going to be torn apart, I'm afraid. It is a beautiful country with many good people in it. Unfortunately, your government and certain attitudes are making it seem like the bully of the world.


The other thing I wanted to say is that I am not the same 'e' as the who left that charming comment just before me.

Sadly, if I was a marine in Fallujah being shot at I would probably shoot at what ever moved too. As far as this article, it states it's written by an activist. best taken with a grain of salt. To all anti american leftist shit's just fucking move to Iraq and join Al sadr, so an accurate shooting marine can put a bullet in your head!


I couldn't read most of the hate statements - However, marines do what marines are trained to do - and most were kids who couldn't get a job. From my perspective the blame sits right on the shoulders of Bush, Blair and Howard - and remember the majority of people in UK and Australia were, and still are, utterly opposed to their young men being sent to kill and die so that Bush's rich mates can get even richer.



It's easy to hate war.

Childish thinking turns that hatred toward soldiers who are forced to kill people that are either trying to kill them first, or who are in SUPPORT of those who are. To direct hatred and disgust at those men who are dealing with the unbelievable stress and horror of house-to-house combat for the purpose of overcoming the greatest threat to the civilized world in the last 300 years is shameful and best...and treasonous on it's face.

What these compassionate idiots who are opposing those who are protecting them and the civilized environment that enables their sophomoric clamoring fail to comprehend, is that these supposed "innocent" people who are getting killed in a COMBAT ZONE wouldn't be IN a combat zone if they were truly innocent!!! In fact, they SHOULD be fighting the insurgents along side us, as they are in other areas, in the name of bringing their violent culture of death and oppression into the 21st Century with the rest of civilization. Innocent, indeed! Our U.N.-dominated, new world order national soveriegnty hating media/elites do everything they can to hide the images of these supposedly "innocent" women and children dancing in the street at the news of something as cowardly and cold-blooded as 9/11...for the purpose of leading simple-minded liberals to believe they are truly innocent, when they would carve out your eyes with a spoon or blow themselves up to kill you if you gave them half a chance due to their demonic hatred of Israel's right to exist, and our support of that simple concept.

Ignorance is deadly in this conflict, folks.

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