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Thursday, December 18, 2003



Hey! Did you post this first or did I? (I just checked to see if today is the 18th, and apparently my computer says it's November 12th. Humph. I bet you posted it first.) Good on ya.


Democracy at its finest, indeed!

I forwarded the link on to everyone I could think of, as I am sure about a thousand others have.

The AFA heirarchy must be having convulsions as we write this. :)


we just pulled ahead. yay!


Forwarded yesterday to about 25 of Philly's finest LGBT activists.
Avast! Prepare to be boarded!!!

Sven Heinicke

I'm like totally the other way. Not only should we not allow same sex marriages, we should abolish all marriage! I think it's a church/state thing. But as that ain't going to happen any time soon better allow gays to do it too. So thinks this happily married man.


Sven! Small world. Think we were at Wired around the same time. I agree that marriage in its current incarnation is too closely associated with religion. legally, marriage is already a civil union - it's only those who choose the religious aspect who get confused on that point. Otherwise, the county judge couldn't marry you unless he was also your priest. And that would just be kinda weird and wrong.

The Heretic

Hey, love your blog! I've linked it mine. Hope that's OK...

Sven Heinicke

Brooke, yes we where at Wired together. I was wondering if you would
remember as I don't think we ever saw each other. Your site was
suggested by our formal boss at Netizen. My every state and national
representative is a Republican, your blog make me feel less isolated.

While I am happily married, I was married by the powers granted by the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, not god. It was tons of fun to chat
with a local mayor too.


Ah! A fellow Pennsylvanian! (Or, as my New Yorker grandma referred to it, Pennsyl-tucky.)

Fear not, good Sven. PA is actually teeming with subversion, if you know where to look.

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