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Thursday, July 27, 2006



Hi all!
Where find bad girls?


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Good day! 

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Hy boyz!

Author Sebastian Faulks has revealed he wrote the new James Bond novel,
Devil May Care, in just six weeks.The British writer, whose books include
Birdsong and Charlotte Gray, was asked to write a new Bond book last year
by original author Ian Fleming’s estate.

Faulks says he adopted Fleming’s work ethic, producing 2,000 words a day
in a style he calls “about 80% Ian Fleming”.The book will be published on 28
May next year to mark the centenary of Fleming’s birth.Earlier this year, Faulks,
54, said he had initially been reluctant to take on the job, only overcoming his
fears when he re-read Fleming’s originals.’Light-hearted’In the end, the author
admitted: “I found writing this light-hearted book more thrilling than I had expected.

”I’d spent nearly five years in psychiatric hospitals and medical libraries writing an
immensely long and difficult book,” he told the Associated Press news
agency - referring to Human Traces, published in 2005.”It’s possible there are no two
books in publishing history more dissimilar than Human Traces and Devil May Care.

A paperback edition comes out next month.

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Hi all!

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