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Monday, January 17, 2005


Elayne Riggs

Well, at least you can't say the executives don't support their products!

Poetic fucking justice for all the people they poison every year.

Amy Bo Bamy

holy crap, no kidding!

i simply REFUSE to eat McD's here in the States, but while i was in Japan last month i couldn't resist -- they had wasabi sauce for their fish sandwiches damnit!

no more McD's for me....EVER


I never did care for McDonald's, but since seing that film "Super Size Me", I don't think I could ever touch it again ever for any reason. Indeed, after seeing that movie, I didn't eat anything like fast food for a few months... and still don't consider it an option.


All this talk is making me crave McNuggets.

i love mc donalds


i love all fast food places... if it kills me then that was my time to die...who can resest their french fris? im bored... they have the best fries... im hungry... im craving a blizzard right now...reces and cookie dough... yummy... all my little towns got is a sonic and dairy queen... we really need a mc donalds... do you like mc donalds? i like mc donalds... im hungry i havent eaten for like 3 days... except once... i love mc donalds... may that dude rest in peace with mc donalds being the last thing he ate... im hungry...


Good to see that Destiny's Child are sponsored by McDonalds, on their "Destiny fulfilled … and lovin' it" tour (yes, really).

How many Bigs Macs do you reckon DC star Beyonce Knowles eats, lets say, in an average week?


spoke to a surgeon though, who did suggest 44 might be too young to get this just from a bad diet.

for the price of a burger you can, still, buy a vinyl single.. especially over the web. to listen to whilst you cook some proper food.

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